Women In Jazz Festival - Halle, Germany

Thrilled to have taken part in the Women In Jazz 2014 edition at the Opera House in Halle! An incredible experience with outstanding musicians from Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Poland, Iran and Germany. The program included new arrangements on original compositions by Bodek Janke, Alex Morsey, Simin Tander and Cynthia Zaven. 

Caroline Thon (ld, sax) – DE

Veronika Todorova (acc) – BG

Feruza Ochilova (voc, dutar, doira) – UZ

Bodek Janke (perc) – PL

Negar Bouban (oud) – IR

Simin Tander (voc) – DE/AF

Cynthia Zaven (piano) - LB

Alexander Morsay (b) – DE

Sound check at the Halle Opera House, February 2014

photo by Raisa Galofre


photo by Raisa Galofre

photo by Raisa Galofre

Caroline Thon and Cynthia Zaven