Musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst 2019

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Getting ready for Graz, Austria and the Musikprotokoll 2019 edition. I’ll take part in a discussion on critical music in ARTikulationen organized by Deniz Peters, head of the Artistic Doctoral School of the University of Music and Performing Arts in cooperation with musikprotokoll. Critically Concerned? is the title of this year’s discussion round. Performers, composers, and thinkers dialogue with one another about their music practices and the question as to what extent they are able to express, reflect on, explore, and challenge interpersonal relations, independent of prevailing social conditions.

In addition to the discussion, my piece for trombone and piano entitled Doris’s Drone will be performed for the first time by Studio Dan, part of the Augmented Reality project.

© musikprotokoll

© musikprotokoll

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Atlas Workshops in Marrakesh | Dec 3rd 2019

Thrilled to have participated in the Atlas Workshops, part of the 17th edition of the Marrakesh International Film Festival, where the process of composing music for films was put forward.

I presented 4 different extracts from films I worked on showing the different ways to approach film scoring, depending on each story. The workshops’ aim was to assist emerging regional directors who are currently preparing their first, second, or third feature-length narrative or documentary film, and encourage them to think ahead about the musical universe of their story.

The Last Man, feature film by Ghassan Salhab (2005)

Tramontane, feature film by Vatche Boulghourjian (2016)

Beirut Hold’em, feature film by Michel Kammoun (2019)

Village de Femmes, feature documentary by Tamara Stepanyan (2019)

On another note: the magical garden of Majorelle, an extension of the Yves Saint Laurent museum (right)


Recording music in Armenia


The experience of recording a soundtrack for Tamara Stepanyan’s upcoming feature documentary Village de Femmes at the Maison De La Radio in Yerevan, Armenia was quite unique. The establishment built during Soviet era has been renovated, and the basement holds an incredible archive of historical recordings from the beginning of the century, as well as analog Studer reel to reel vintage players. To top it all, Samvel (the sound engineer) has perfect pitch and writes for the orchestra, and the piano I recorded on was an incredible bright red grand Blüthner.

This is my third collaboration with Tamara, and the second one with her mother, the incredible Nariné Harutyunyan on cello.


Human moments in world war III at the Tanit Gallery

8 February 2018 - 5 April 2018

Inspired by the Sci-Fi short story by Don DeLillo, my 2 channel sound and video installation Human Moments in World War III (2018) is on display at the Tanit Gallery, part of the Féminités Plurielles collective exhibition.

Video stills from the 8 min “Human Moments In World War III”

Perpetuum Mobile at the Maxxi Museum in Rome

15 November 2017 - 20 May 2018

photo by M3studio

My 12 channel installation, Perpetuum Mobile is part of the Sounding The Neighbors exhibition that opened at the amazing Maxxi Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid, in Rome. The exhibition is curated by Hou Hanru and Giulia Ferracci and will last until May 2018.

The exhibition that includes 36 artists, architects, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, researchers and activists from Beirut is described as the "story of a city, a laboratory of resistance, artistic innovation and hope seen through over 100 works".

This new edition of Perpetuum Mobile is installed on the plaza of the museum and is sponsored by Bose.

photo by M3studio

photo by M3studio


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Perpetuum Mobile in Beit Beirut

5 - 15 November 2017

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture- AFAC celebrates its 10th anniversary with a two-week long program that includes exhibitions and screenings. I'm happy that Perpetuum Mobile, funded by AFAC in 2014 is part of the selected works on display!

The 12 channel installation will be exhibited in Beit Beirut, located on the former "green line": Previously known as the Yellow House, Beit Beirut was a forward control post and sniper base during the civil war. It is now restored and turned into a museum.


To learn more about the AFAC exhibitions and screenings, please click here
To learn more about Beit Beirut, please click here

Perpetuum Mobile at Ars Electronica 2017

7 - 11 September 2017

The 12 channel installation on the rooftop of Postcity, the main venue of Ars Electronica

Checking equipment before installing

The ground on the Postcity roof top

Installing on the rooftop


Surrounded by sound and sky, just before closing time

Closing time, speakers bagged

Visitors surrounded by sound

The Valley awarded Best Sound and Music

(From L to R) Cynthia Zaven, Rana Eid and Lama Sawaya

(From L to R) Cynthia Zaven, Rana Eid and Lama Sawaya

We got the award for Best Sound And Music at the Nuit Des Mabrouk! The award was handed by Christian Jeune, the Head of Cannes Film festival's film office (no less) and honored Lama Sawaya (sound designer), Rana Eid (sound supervisor) and my work on the sound and music in The Valley, the feature film directed by Ghassan Salhab.

For Voice And Forest in Argentina

22 September - 22 December 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 8.22.22 AM copy.png

For Voice and Forest, my miniature video for the monumental voice of incredible 10 year old Alexandra, will be on display within the Argentinian Biennial of Contemporary Art. Curated by Nayla Tamraz, the exhibition Poetics, Politics Places will open at the Timoteo Navarro Museum of Fine Arts in Tucumán and will include works by Saliba Douaihy, Etel Adnan, Mireille Kassar, Gilbert Hage, Nadim Asfar, Danièle Genadry, Saba Innab and myself.

Bienalsur is the first art biennial of South America that will take place in 15 countries and 30 cities across the southern continent, from September to December 2017.

For more info about the Biennial, check out the official page here                                                                      

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Getting ready for Ars Electronica

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 6.46.02 PM.png

Perpetuum Mobile is invited to be exhibited at the this year's fantastic edition of Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria! The 12 channel installation's new set up is the rooftop of Postcity, the main venue of the festival, opening on September 5th till September 12th.

For more info about the festival, check out the AE official page here

Perpetuum Mobile in the making (STEIM, Amsterdam, 2014)

Perpetuum Mobile in the making (STEIM, Amsterdam, 2014)

Fête du cinéma 2017

Table ronde à l’Institut Français modérée par Benoit Basirico autour de la musique de film, et l’impact emotionnel véhiculé par une bande son.

de g à d: B. Basirico, C. Zaven, E. Aouad, K. Mouzanar

de g à d: B. Basirico, C. Zaven, E. Aouad, K. Mouzanar

Arsenal at the Tanit Gallery

7 June - 5 August 2017

My new installation Arsenal will be on display starting today at the Tanit Gallery, part of the From Sound To Silence group exhibition.

Arsenal is a disassembled upright piano, featuring 205 strings, a soundboard, 88 hammers, 67 dampers, 56 white keys, 32 black keys and various wooden and metal parts.

88 hammers

Working the light on the dismantled piano, in front of Ziad Antar's video " La Marche Turque"

Bunker Fairy Tale and Morse Code Composition on Kunstradio

Austrian National Radio ORF will have a special focus on the Lebanese musical scene until March 19 2017. It will include an interview with a broadcast of a few of my compositions. In the framework of this focus, Kunstradio - the cultural channel of ORF - will also air a remix of Bunker Fairy Tale and Morse Code Composition (18 min).
In 1995 Kunstradio On Line was founded by artists and has since become a unique site and archive of radio-art as well as an art-project in its own right.