Musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst 2019

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Getting ready for Graz, Austria and the Musikprotokoll 2019 edition. I’ll take part in a discussion on critical music in ARTikulationen organized by Deniz Peters, head of the Artistic Doctoral School of the University of Music and Performing Arts in cooperation with musikprotokoll. Critically Concerned? is the title of this year’s discussion round. Performers, composers, and thinkers dialogue with one another about their music practices and the question as to what extent they are able to express, reflect on, explore, and challenge interpersonal relations, independent of prevailing social conditions.

In addition to the discussion, my piece for trombone and piano entitled Doris’s Drone will be performed for the first time by Studio Dan, part of the Augmented Reality project.

© musikprotokoll

© musikprotokoll

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