Perpetuum Mobile receives AFAC grant

Very happy that my latest project, Perpetuum Mobile has just been selected by the AFAC committee jury of this year to receive a production grant!  

Perpetuum Mobile is a newly commissioned 12 channel sound installation that will be exhibited at the SMBA Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. The work is part of a group exhibition titled "This Is The Time. And This Is The Record Of The Time".

The curators, Nat Muller and Angela Harutyunyan have taken their cue from Laurie Anderson’s ominous 1982 song “From the Air” where she describes the duration between becoming conscious that the plane will crash and its actual impact.     The show proposes to critically question our relationship to time, as well as our relationship to the mechanisms of recording time, particularly in moments of crisis or other transformative contexts.  

The exhibition opens on September 13th 2014 and will travel to Beirut in 2015.

For more information on Perpetuum Mobile please click on the AFAC page here