Perpetuum Mobile at the AUB gallery

My 12 channel sound installation Perpetuum Mobile, part of the This Is The Time. And This Is The Record Of The Time exhibition has been shipped from the Stedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam to the AUB gallery in Beirut! The opening was on March 26 and had an amazing turnout.
The exhibition curated by Angela Harutyunyan and Nat Muller, that includes works by Kristina Benjocki, Diana Hakobyan, Sebastián Díaz Morales, Peter Fengler, Daniele Genadry, Walid Sadek, Rayyane Tabet and Esmé Valk will run until July 25th 2015.

Unpacking 6 amps, 12 speakers, laptop, sound card and miles of cables

Tijs Ham setting up a software from the future (Supercollider) on a computer from the past (Powerbook G4)

View from the opening