Compositions for Film

Excerpts from Selected Works


Tramontane (Rabih), (Feature film, 105 min, 2016)

Written & Directed by Vatche Boulghourjian

•Grand Rail d'Or, Semaine de la critique, Cannes
•Prix Découverte, Namur International Film Festival
•Best Fiction Film, Bratislava International Film Festival
•Special Jury Prize, Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival
•Best Actress Award (Julia Kassar), Dubai International Film Festival
•Special Mention of the Jury, Pula Film Festival
•Best Feature Film, Latin Arab International Film Festival, Buenos Aires
•Best Director, Lebanese Movie Awards


The Valley (Al Wadi) (Feature film, 135 min, 2014)

Written & Directed by Ghassan Salhab

•Best Director From The Arab World, Abu Dhabi Film Festival
•FIPRESCI Jury Award, Fribourg International Film Festival
•Best Feature Film, Lebanese Movie Awards

My Love Awaits Me By The Sea (Feature documentary, 80 min, 2013)

Written & Directed by Mais Darwazah

•AFAC's Best Feature Award, Latin Arab Film Festival, Argentina
•Jury Prize for Feature Documentary, Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt
•Golden Lynx Award for Best Documentary, New Directors New Films Festival, Portugal
•Grand Prix Femina, International Women's Film Festival, Brazil
•Best Documentary Award, MedFilm Festival, Rome

Civil War (Video essay, 19 min, 2012)

Written & Directed by Fouad Elkoury

Gate #5 (Feature documentary, 84 min, 2012)

Written & Directed by Simon El Habre

Embers (Feature documentary, 77 min, 2012)

Written & Directed by Tamara Stepanyan

•Jury Prize, International Women’s Film Festival of Créteil, France
•Special Prize for Best Documentary, Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Armenia
•Mecenat Award, Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea

February 19 (Medium length fiction, 34 min, 2011)

Written & Directed by Tamara Stepanyan

•Best Short Film Award, Armenian National Award Ceremony
•Best Short Fiction Film, Lebanese Film Festival

The North Road (Medium length fiction, 2008, 25 min)

Written & Directed by Carlos Chahine


•Best Film, Open Cinema St Petersburg
•Best Narrative Short, Tribeca Film Festival
•Muhr Arab Award, Dubai International Film Festival




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Walking Distance (Mixed technique animation, 12 min, 2008)

Written & Directed by Shirin Abu Shaqra

The Last Man (Atlal) (Feature film, 101 min, 2006)

Written & Directed by Ghassan Salhab

•Silver Screen Award for Best Actor, Singapore International Film Festival

9 Years Later (Short experimental, 6 min, 2004)

Directed by Dima El Horr

Living Icons (Feature documentary, 52 min, 1997)

Written & Directed by Dimitri Khodr


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